Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Thrifty San Antonio: Book Festival

I love a great deal. And books.
The upcoming San Antonio Book Festival on Saturday, April 11 is FREE!! The event will take place ALL day Saturday downtown by the Central Library.
There are so many awesome readings, discussions, kid's performances, amazing writers will be in town...ahh I can't wait. What better way to show my kids that literacy is alive, vibrant, and theirs to enjoy?
Here are my Book Festival Top 5 Must Do's!

1) Download the App. The app is also FREE and is a great way to plan your day. Warning: You might be overwhelmed with how many things you want to do at the festival.

2) Food! At 10 am, Kate Payne will demo recipes from her new cookbook. This will be in the Central Market Cooking Tent. (Excuse me while I get all crazy fangirl here. Kate has an awesome blog. AND I will be there with bells on for anything that Central Market is involved in. I worked at CM in college and LOVED it. Tidbit: I even guided a dog parade while working there through UIW. Fun times, but sooo off topic)

3) Magik Theater! At 11:10, there will be a performance by the theater in the Children's Reading tent. (The tent is located in the Library Plaza, outside on the library grounds). If you have not seen a Magik performance before, prepare to be impressed. The performers (in amazing costumes) are sure to captivate and entertain in the most energetic, wonderful way.


5) I can't wait to see Xavier Garza, a San Antonio author/illustrator who has a book that sounds awesome, The Great and Mighty Nikko.
"Nikko loves bedtime. That's because his bed turns into a magical wrestling ring for the masked luchadores that he loves. They bounce up and down like crazy. His mom, of course, doesn't believe Nikko. She accuses him of jumping on his bed. But that's just not true at all. She just can't see what Nikko sees..." 
I have a little person who loves comics and would really enjoy this story as well as the amazing illustrations. 
Can you tell I am a LITTLE excited about the festival. Its a whole day of BOOKS AND STORIES and its FREE. I'm off to go play with the app on my phone. See you at the festival!
p.s If you want to get even more super excited, go HERE and see the list of authors who will be attending this year. You're welcome.

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  1. Just downloaded the app and set up my schedule. There are so many things going on at the same time, but the app really helps you narrow it down to one thing at a time.


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