Monday, June 10, 2013

Kid's Art Space with Goodwill Finds

I don't know why, but I have been obsessed with my kids being able to create "art" in their own ways. I am not an artist, but I really appreciate the process of being creative. It is really important that my kids have a special space to create, no matter how small. I want to make sure they have quality supplies (ever tried coloring with a cheap crayon? So frustrating!), but quality supplies are not always affordable. Along with supplies, the kids need a place to put their items! But organizational systems are expensive too! 

Well, guess what?!
I finally realized that Goodwill isn't only for clothes! Seriously, you can find anything and everything at the thrift store! Angels sang when I found this awesome little drawer cabinet at my San Antonio Goodwill!! This is the now discontinued, highly sought after Ikea FIRA!! For only $11.99, it was allll mine.

This is the perfect space for our art supplies. The kids love opening all the little drawers and pulling everything out and then putting it all back. Not only did we get the drawers, we got little muffin pans (99 cents each) that are great for mixing paint, sorting crayon colors, and putting glue and googly eyes in for our special projects. I also wanted a bowl that they could have their oil pastels in (Vintage Pyrex in yellow, also 99 cents). It is really fun to watch them put their hand in the bowl and just feel the pastels...and then pick their favorite colors. It is set up on an old side table (Definitely something to look for at Goodwill) that I won't cry about if it gets painted on.
I know that everyone won't be able to find a Fira, but there are a ton of metal tins that would be great to use, along with bread pans, plastic cups for paint water and brush storage, old coffee mugs to store crayons in...the list goes on and on. Also, old cookie cutters and rolling pins are great for playdoh! Don't forget that you can use a thrifted shower curtain (just last week I saw 3, new in package) to lay on the floor to protect it from messes!
What are some things you might look for?

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  1. Love this!

    I keep my little one's supplies organized with a set of Rubbermaid drawers that we had but weren't using. But now that's accumulated so many more supplies, I need to find something like this to keep it even more organized.

    Thanks for sharing!


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