Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thrifty Thursday Volume 7

Whew! What a week it has been! Time to link up with Ruth over at Living Well, Spending Less. I had a decent time at the thrift store this past week. Check out my treasures, then let me know what you think!

 I scored some AWESOME Sam Edelman Flats for $7.99. They are practically new as far as I can tell, the bottoms have no wear. And in my size!! (Did I ever mention I realllly need shoes?) The only dressy flats I had before these were some black flats and I end up wearing them with stuff that doesnt even match just because they are flat and close-toed.

 This new in package embroidery kit! It was $1.99!!

A little boy's striped blazer for NINETY NINE CENTS. Lets say that again NINETY NINE CENTS. BOOM! Thrift success right here.


  1. the blazer is ADORABLE! mini monster has one just like it that's ralph lauren that i got at a consignment sale for $3! yay for thrifting! and i love seeing your finds every week!

  2. Saw you on Squishable Baby and had to come by. We're big book fans but saw your Thrifty Thursday posts and decided I'm going to be a regular. I haven't been to a GW in ages but when I lived in NY I was there every week and got some really amazing deals. The one they have here near me isn't that good but I may just have to go back one day. It might have gotten better. Those were some amazing deals! Hope you're having a happy Saturday!

  3. Love those shoes! That blazer will look so adorable on your boy.


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