Monday, July 15, 2013

A NEW Thrifting Experience: Goodwill Clearance Store THRIFT HAUL!

**Disclaimer: I recieved a Goodwill gift card for the items purchased in this post. All opinions are my own.**

Ya'll know I love me some thrift shopping. I feel like I can take on any thrift store. There are always treasures to be found. I have been wanting to go to the Goodwill Clearance store here in San Antonio (4861 W. Commerce) for some time now, but kept wimping out because it is a bit of a drive. But the curiosity was just not going away!! So finally I had hubby watch the kids while I went and braved the unknown.
This store.
This store is for, like, SERIOUS.

Ha, just joking. But really, I walked in and stood there completely stunned for about a full minute.

It was busy (I went on a weekend)!
I tried to scope it out and decide which section I would tackle first, like I usually do in a regular thrift store. Then I realized that all my rules are uselsess here. Why? Well because everything is pretty much in these large bins, and it all makes mountains of stuff. So....I just WENT. FOR. IT. Started digging (literally, other shoppers had sticks with them to help push around the stuff in the oversize bins).

The trip and the digging were so very much worth it!! The prices are unbelievable! Most clothing is 99 cents. I KID YOU NOT.
See how much I paid:
Kids tshirt, 99 cents
Kids markers, box and glue $2.94
Jcrew pink boatneck tshirt, 99 cents
Jcrew Sweater, 99 cents
Kids hardback art book 49 cents
Vintage patterns, 49 cents each
Vintage cross stitch apron, 99 cents
Oval mirror, 99 cents


So, what do you think? Great haul, right?!
 I think you should check it out!


  1. that one is so close to my house! You have to be tough at that one because its a big pile of stuff to go through but we always find good stuff

  2. Let me know next time you go....I think I can brave the crowds too :)

  3. I am going. This week. I promise.

  4. I love the mirror! I've been meaning to hit that store up. I've been to the one in Austin and learned the first time that gloves are a good idea. You never know what you are going to find in those bins!


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