Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thrifty Thursday Vol 2

Well, its Thursday again (it all happened so fast!)
Don't forget, I want to know what you are finding too, so leave a comment here and a link back to your finds!
I have also linked up with Living Well, Spending Less today. Check out all the awesome posts and links there!

It was a slow thrifting week for me, although I did score at a garage sale on Saturday, I got a ton of books and a kids microscope!

Then I found these awesome Loft sandals for $7.99 at the thrift store! 

The Children's Place dress for 99 cents! Polo sweater for 99 cents!!

Lastly, we are going to try a little video! I fell in love with the Vine app this week, and so did my kids! Here we are playing with these blocks we scored. (Retail on these is $15 on Sale, so I got a good deal paying $3.98)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I almost missed them because one was on a shelf and the other was on the floor!

  2. You made out well! The wedge sandals are too cute! Don't you love finding brand names for next to nothing thrifting! Thanks for popping into Simple Home Managing today, I enjoyed your thrifty finds as well!

    1. Yes, love it so much! Its hard to shop at the mall now! =)

  3. my fave is the blocks! We have some and love them and the funny thing is we also got ours at goodwill :)

  4. Those loft sandals are adorable! What a great find. Thanks for linking up this week!


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