When I originally created this blog in 2012, it was a place to showcase my seven lovely interests. As my life has changed, so has the blog. Currently, this space will feature my family's adventures, especially those related to the arts and nature.
I hope to share, inspire, and most of all, encourage others to have their own adventures, whether through literature or out and about.
My family's adventures in literature, museums, parks and current local (San Antonio, Texas and sometimes beyond!) events that celebrate and promote the arts are very important to us.
We are a homeschooling family with three young children and we believe that including them in these special outings can teach them to appreciate the arts and create memories that will last forever!

We believe (for our family)
The arts are not just for “grown ups”
Children can appreciate museums
Surrounding children with beauty in nature, performances, literature and art enhance and shape their worldview. These are gifts for the mind that are indelible.

Happy exploring!

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