Monday, May 27, 2013

DIY Cardigan Refashion: Fresh Lace

**Note: I was given a Goodwill gift card in exchange for the garments used in this blog post.

Now that the weather is heating up, we have the problem of going from the heat outside to sometimes way too cold indoors, courtesy of good ole AC! I always carry a cardigan (I have more cardigans than any other item in my wardrobe), and I don't often go sleeveless.
I am always inspired by Anthropologie and their wonderful designs. I have noticed LACE EVERYWHERE!!! So when I ran across this very dated double breasted top at my neighborhood Goodwill here in San Antonio. I was actually excited, because the lace on the top is amazing. Also, the buttons were nice, black, faceted, sparkly buttons. SOLD! Originally it was $3.99 but it was the color of the week ($1 off) so it was only $2.99!!! TWONIETYNINE!!

I also found this featherlight Gap cardigan in a wonderful deep emerald color with boring buttons and boring
pockets. $3.99

I worked my magic! I took the lace off of the original top with a handy seam ripper (aka my BFF because I am always ripping something out of my sewing). I cut all the buttons off too. Then I did the best thing ever. I glued the lace onto the pockets of the cardigan with Liquid Stitch-permanent fabric glue. Then I sewed the "new" buttons on the cardigan.
Done!! I spent around $7 after tax!! WOW!!

What do you think? Have you done any refashions lately? Digame!
Check out and find a location near you so you can whip up something fun too!


  1. Hi, I have never used that fabric glue. Do you find that it holds up through washes?

    1. I have used it before on curtains that were not washed all that frequently, but it did hold up! Hope that helps! Note that I did not put the curtains in the dryer. The glue was really helpful with the irregular pattern of the lace. Thanks for stopping by =)

  2. Veronica, I still cant believe you DIY'd this cardigan! It looked so cute on you the other day, I had no idea it wasnt the real thing (anthro that is) Love seeing your thrifting posts Keep up the good work

    1. Thanks Stacy!! Your comment means so much to me, I really appreciate it!!


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