Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Oliver & S Class Picnic Top: A Sewing Skills Reality Check

Before: A high waisted, thrifted skirt.
 I have been working on sewing this Oliver & S Class Picnic top (I actually made it longer...more like a tunic) since October. I found this awesome skirt at the thrift store, and I really liked the fabric. A couple of weeks later I even found the matching shirt. I debated over what to do with the fabric for a while. I unpicked the waistband and then decided to make a dress for my daughter. Sometimes I procrastinate so long I don't complete projects. But I am really challenging myself lately to STICK TO projects. This is a fairly easy sewing project, and I was impatient some days, which made the quality suffer. I tend to be a perfectionist, so I am a harsh critic too. But there are some skills I need to sharpen, like making casings, and sewing in a perfectly straight line =). This was a great project to get my feet wet and inspire me to sew even more. I can only get better! (Or at least back to the point where I was once upon a time).

Here is the tunic, complete! I am so excited to have finished it and my daughter knows I sewed it for her, which is really sweet.

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