Friday, December 27, 2013

Clean Closet + Goodwill Donation = Awesome! #GoodwillSA #THRIFTY

Ok, lets all admit it.

Most of us have way too much stuff in our closets. I always find that the best time to clean out my closets and drawers are after Christmas and before New Year's. Out with the worn, the faded, the ill fitting and in with the good stuff!!

Step 1:
Evaluate. What goes? What stays? I ask myself: Does it fit? Is it flattering? (Plain tshirts are absolutely NOT FLATTERING on me, so I am constantly in the buying/donating cycle with these, I don't know how to stop). Does it have holes, fading, etc?
That faux leather purse with weird straps that I haven't used in 3 years....yeah that's being donated! 
My current goal is to have a streamlined closet with 3 main colors that all mix and match well together.
Make a pile.

Step 2:
DONATE! What could be easier than driving up to a Goodwill Donation Station (check out the map!) right here in San Antonio, and having someone unload it for you and give you a tax receipt?! In my experience, if the item is absolutely non usable, perhaps making it into rags would be useful, but if there is a chance that someone else could actually make good use of the item, donating is a great idea. Not only is this a great way to recycle, it is a great way to help others in our community. It's also nice to shop at Goodwill and see the items I donated out for sale! (This happens to me a lot).

Don't worry, I am folding this up before I donate! The tip of the iceberg here!

Win. Win.

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