Monday, August 10, 2015

Thrifted Men's Shirt to Baby Bib Under $5!

Aren't bibs irresistible? There is something precious about all those perfect bibs on the shelves at the BIG box stores. The price tags make me cringe though, because the product will be used for the messiest eaters (but the cutest).

Needed supplies: Huge shirt, towel of some sort, velcro, and a sewing machine
I finally found the solution to not only make a cheap bib, but a cute one too! I thrifted this men's shirt when its tag color was half off at Goodwill San Antonio, the regular price of $3.99 is a total steal anyway, but half off was even better! (THRIFT PRO TIP: If you are looking for items to upcycle, shop ONLY for the Goodwill San Antonio Color of the Week, as these items are HALF OFF the already amazing prices - they update weekly colors on their Goodwill San Antonio Facebook page, so give them a Like to stay in the know). I also scored this washcloth for .49 cents at the Goodwill on Bitters and 281.

 I used a bib I already had as a pattern and started cutting. Remember I told you this shirt was large? So much awesome fabric! The bigger the better.

 Pin and sew the 2 pieces together.

 Don't forget to leave an opening to flip right side out.
 Cut small squares of velcro and sew on opposite sides.

 Now you have the cutest, cheapest, easiest to make reversible bib!!

Project cost:
Shirt 1.99
Washcloth .49
Velcro - I already had
So for around $2.50 I made a bib and have TONS of extra shirting fabric left.
Shop at your nearest Goodwill San Antonio store today, you never know what might inspire you! *This sponsored post made possible by Goodwill San Antonio. Shop local!*

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  1. What a cute project! And I love the colors you picked.


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