Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Upcycled: Bed Sheet to Apron

I found this toddler sized bed sheet at a thrift store for less than $1
If I were to describe my fabric/textile collection, I would say that I'm very prepared. Other people might say "hoarder." I am just someone who will be extremely prepared in the event that fabric ceases to exist and is needed to save the world. I have also been a bit preoccupied with thinking about the many lives that an item can have before its actually useless. The bedsheet I used in this project has been in my arsenal for a few months, and I was originally going to make something babyish with it. But then I saw Maker Mama's gorgeous apron post, and I was inspired to make an apron for my daughter.
We have two aprons for my girl, one came with a kid's kitchen set (she never wears it for some reason) and another was found at a garage sale, is vintage and has tiny elephants on it. She ends up wearing the elephant one quite a bit. Half aprons are a favorite in our house. I had a couple of hours to myself and decided to go for it, even though I didn't have a pattern, and even though everything wasn't perfect in my house. Sometimes I block myself from creating because there is just so much to do around the house. But I pushed through, because I really, really needed to make something.
And here it is. A new apron for my girl.

I was careful to cut the fabric so I didn't cut any animals in half.

I was sure to make an extra big pocket, and it came in handy right away

We love pockets   

I can't wait to share my plans for fall sewing with you next week (hopefully).
Happy stitching!

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