Monday, January 26, 2015

January: Thrifting and Sewing

January has been quite an interesting month. I have thrifted like I have never thrifted before and have found some awesome things (see previous post). I found that my kids like a big thrift store over a little thrift store and they enjoy looking at kooky, old, silly stuff. Sometimes we talk about where the item might have come from, how old it is and more.
I fell into teaching sewing and realized that I absolutely love it. Since the first couple of lessons I developed a supply list and two lesson plans. This has really put sewing at a priority for me and I NEEDED that. The first lesson I taught led to me cutting out a dress pattern and fabric for my daughter, after the next lesson I stitched most of it up. I set out my sewing things like I do clothes and other important things: set it out the night before. If that happens, then its at the top of my list mentally. Doing this, sewing, sharing, benefiting from this craft has really done something for my energy level and overall creativity. It's great. So here is my encouragement to just do one thing for you talent or passion per day.
We have been reading but not as much as in the past. I feel like December threw us off for different reasons and I haven't gotten back on track. We still go to the library at least once a week (we are actually at our max for checking out books per library rules), but storytime during the day has been less. The kids still listen to audio books, and we started to read Mr. Popper's Penguins as a family read aloud (I actually want to do the FamliyDinner Book Club). I have been fine tuning our homeschool routine/schedule/tasks and its getting better each time. I scored a ton of free prek-k teaching items (posters, lessons, activities, etc) from a neighbor and the kids are enjoying it immensely.

Oh, and is it just me or is it time for some pre-Spring cleaning?

What are you doing this month? Any big plans for February?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

January's Goodwill Haul Highlights

Ladies and gentlemen, JANUARY is proving to be the best month to shop at Goodwill here in San Antonio. I have found the most wonderful things! From clothing to room decor, the scores are many. If you are not a regular thrift store customer, I urge you to just give it a little try this month and you will be amazed.
Its funny, because I have been cleaning out cabinets and closets, so every time I go donate, I go shop too, but its not a bad thing.

 This is my fave find! A lace trim pleated Lilly Pulitzer skirt (and it fits!!) for $3.99.

 Lakeshore Learning Word of the Day wall NEW in package, for $3.99. We can definitely use this in our homeschool.

 We love Donald Crews books, and I found 3 of his titles! Each book was 99 cents.
 I also found a box set of Little House books (one is missing-I know I will be able to find the title on another thrift trip) for $4.99. The original retail on the box says $62. The books are in excellent condition and I don't think they have been used at all.

Petit Bateau brand shirt for my son, brand new with tags! This brand's tshirts retail for around $40 new. This was $1.99 at Goodwill.

 Jacadi Paris brand jacket for my daughter. You can see the quality and details of the tucks and pockets in the photo. Coats from this brand retail new for well over $100. This was $1.99 at Goodwill! And who doesn't love a Peter Pan collar?!

 This awesome silver plated Pottery Barn photo carousel was a splurge at $8.99 but I definitely can use it on my bookshelf!

I urge you to go see what you find! I was given a $25 gift card from Goodwill for this post. Happy Thrifting everyone!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Vintage Crafting Supplies

Welcome to show and tell.

Today I am showing some great vintage goodies my grandmother recently gave me. I am most enamored with the packaging and labels on the goodies. At first I really wanted to do a project with the glitter, but I think it will just be on display for now.

 I love the cork tops on these GLASS tubes. Lovely.

I would love to know more about McLemore and what else they sold.

I just loved admiring these lovely things. I hope you did too!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Creative Struggle

Do you struggle to be creative?

I do. What I think I really do is stifle my own creativity.

Usually, one of two things happens to me:

1) I "let" myself enjoy sewing, but set the bar so high and make the project way more super complicated than it should be. Example: I tell myself that I can let other things slide while I sew pajamas. BUT if I do let myself sew the pajamas, they must be made of the best silk I can afford with french seam finishes, lace inset (never done one of those before) and done in 2 days. Setting myself up for disappointment. Joy is gone. Pressure is on.

2) Tell myself that there is no time for silly pastimes and my creative outlets are not important.

I love thrifting and I definitely do a lot of that. But the stakes are higher to me when it comes to sewing or even crocheting.
This year, I have been guilty of pinning, planning and purchasing with nothing to show for those efforts. Pinning on Pinterest, planning on paper and purchasing supplies. What have I sewn this year? Two items. Two little items. 

For many of us who have the personality type that is like mine....time spent must equal a profit of money or finished products that help the family, etc....things are either worth it or not....things are very black and white...stifling creativity seems like a good idea at the time, but later on, avoiding them costs more to my heart and mind than I expected.

2015 will be the year of creativity. Of unpinned ideas and completed projects. I'm going to jump in. 
Are you?

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Huge Christmas Thrift Scores with Goodwill San Antonio

The busy, frantic holiday season is upon us. Have you seen the crowds at the mall? I have an idea that they might be crazy.
I haven't seen them myself, because I have been at my favorite, quite peaceful Goodwill here in San Antonio.
This is really the BEST time of year to thrift, everyone is cleaning out their closets and sending treasures to their nearest Goodwill by the truckload. Thrift shopping is exactly 110% faster than mall shopping during the holidays.

The two categories that stress me out the most around Christmas are:
1) Outfits for my kids
2) Gifts for my kids

Goodwill to the rescue for the ten millionth time!
Here is what I found:
  • Brand new Gap dress for my daughter, black polka dot dress with petticoat skirt (it still had the diaper cover attached inside!) $1.99

  • Target Dress shoes with bow $2.99

  • Lacoste dress shirt for my son $1.99
Paired with items my kids already had (tights for my daughter, a red tie and dress pants for my son), these outfits are READY!

Keep in mind that we do a very modest Christmas in our house.

Brand new in package, Pottery Barn Table Top Bells $3.99

**To be added**  3 Books for each child (I already bought some but I ended up giving them to the kids --whoops!)

 Have you found anything holiday worthy at your closest Goodwill? Now is the time to shop!
*Disclosure: I was given a Goodwill Gift Card to purchase items in this post*

Monday, November 24, 2014

Play Shelves: Simple Ideas

Here is a look at what is on our play shelves this week!

This shelf is our "block center", large set of wooden blocks on the left, Melissa and Doug magnet people in green bins, colored water blocks in center, legos on right. Imaginets.

From Left to right, 3 bears storytelling set, Lakeshore Simple Sequence Puzzle set (99 cents at Goodwill!), stampers, art matching game. Bottom shelf: paper, handwriting without tears letter shape maker, pegs, art stickers

Our Barefoot Book of Wonderful Words, watercolors

Affiliate links used, I am a Barefoot Books Ambassador!
Have a great week!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Real Life With Books Week 1

How was your life with books last week? Ours was filled with books of one kind and another...(and then something happened to my computer and I was unable to post the week in review on Friday)

My son insisted all meals be brought to his room because he did not want any breaks in audio book listening (I think this was Tuesday)

Bedtime stories one night. I avoided the Bears Nature Guide. So annoying to read that one aloud. Also, from the Magic School Bus reading my son now thinks the word "Venus" is the funniest word ever because it rhymes with.....YEP. Weird because he has heard this word before. Guessing its a phase.

We chose lots of books at the library. Once we were home, they were strewn about the house and my son had to look at every one.

I would love to see and hear about your week with books!