Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Capsule Wardrobe Dresses With @GoodwillSA #thrift

As you might know from this post and this post, I am on a mission to have a small, wonderful wardrobe. Most of the clothes in my closet are from Goodwill. Because I change my mind so much and the prices are so great, (I never pay more than $9 for ANY CLOTHING ITEM), I can't resist shopping at Goodwill here in San Antonio before anywhere else.
I have long been searching for the perfect, classic chambray dress. I found it!! For Texas, I feel that the mid weight of the fabric and the cut of this dress are perfect for wear year round. The silver metal buttons, the sleeve detail and the self belt are perfect touches to a classic shape. This was $5.99 at Goodwill.
You can see more of the dress here. Also, I found the bias cut dress from Old Navy, this will be in my storage closet and I will wear it next spring. This dress was also $5.99.

 I have seen that grey is still going to be in this fall, so when I found this soft To The Maxx brand dress with the deep vneck, I knew it would be perfect for fall. Not too short and not too long, this dress hits me at the perfect length. Also, note the sleeves and how they are 3/4 sleeves (perfect for my short arms!) It is a perfect dress to layer with or without leggings, and to add a great statement necklace.

Here we have a sleeveless olive green Gap dress made out of one of my favorite fabrics...rayon. The buttons at the front are great for nursing access and the dress is perfect for one of my special cardigans (I love cardigans). The black and white silk Banana Republic dress is a maybe for my fall capsule. Its tag indicates that it is a summer dress and it is very lightweight. But the colors are timeless and season-less! The dresses were $5.99 each.

So here you go, 3 dresses that will be in my fall capsule wardrobe for sure, and 1 maybe. What do you think? Do you have a classic, versatile dress like the chambray one? What do you think of these awesome prices?!

*I was given a gift card to Goodwill in exchange for this post*

Friday, September 12, 2014

September is Library Card Sign Up Month #SAPLCardRocks

Do you have IT?
Do you?
Do you have your pass to adventure? Fun? Limitless words? 
Did I mention that it's FREE?
I'm talking about a library card, of course.

September is Library Card Sign-up month, a time to celebrate all that your San Antonio Public Library card can do for you!
SAPL has so much to offer! With a SAPL library card you have access to:
·         More than 2 million print books, DVDs , CDs and magazines
·         Over 65,000 eBooks and eAudio books
·         Thousands of movie and television titles
·         Over 8 million songs
·         Programs, and special events for all ages
·         Live homework help and resume assistance
·         High quality subscription databases for genealogical research or learning a foreign language
·         Fitness equipment, walking trails and playgrounds
·         So much more!
SAPL is kicking off its library card sign-up campaign on Facebook and Twitter by inviting current users to submit selfies and “shelfies” (photos taken inside a branch library) to its Facebook and Twitter feeds. We are also encouraging SAPL card users to tag at least three friends in the post and encourage them to sign-up for a SAPL card at a nearby branch location or the Central Library. Photos will be re-shared on social media.
SAPL will also share its list of “20 Things You Can Do with a SAPL Card” on its @Your Library blog on MySA.com and @mysapl blog on the mysapl.org website. SAPL created #SAPLCardRocks for the campaign and encourages anyone who posts to use the hashtag and to share it throughout social media outlets. We invite you to share your story about how you use the library or what the library means to you.
For more information about the San Antonio Public Library, visit mysapl.org or call 210-207-2500. Be sure to like us on Facebook at Facebook.com/mysapl or on Twitter @mysapl.

Does everyone in your family have a library card? We are so fortunate to live here in San Antonio, where cards are FREE. That is not the case in all cities. I encourage you to sign up today. No matter how many books you have or can buy, the library system still has more!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

From the Recycle Bin to the Playroom: Easy Straw Project Play

If you know about our creative play shelves, which I blogged about HERE, (also featured in today's print edition of the San Antonio Express News...check out the new myDIY section) you know that we have a special bin just for recyclables that might be useful for creative play.

The other day, I noticed some straws on the floor and my son was being really quiet in his room. Usually, when the kids are really quiet, a mess of some sort is also involved. Not this time! My son took the following supplies with him to his room from the recycle bin: straws and the plastic packaging that cherry tomatoes come in, and the berry baskets.

He was very carefully, methodically putting the straws inside the tomato container. I was in such awe of his concentration I failed to get a great picture. Here he is below, playing with his creation the next day. I will note he did take a BUNCH of straws out. Also, I thought that he would naturally put the straws in the berry baskets, but he chose the container that doesn't seem as accessible. Interesting.

 How much did this project cost me? ZERO DOLLARS! We have straws to drink from and the tomato container came with food we needed. I didn't even know this was a project...I just kept the materials in an accessible place and let my child's imagination lead the way.Win, Win!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Share Stories, Connect Families, Inspire Children #barefootbooks

Hello!! Today is my second ever VLOG! Can you tell that I am excited?! Today I am highlighting two Barefoot Books (affiliate links, I am a Barefoot Ambassador) titles that are among our favorites AND have special bonuses in the books!

Links directly to the titles I Took the Moon for a Walk, Star Seeker

Let me know what you think, I was recording while my son was hopping around.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Closet Cleanup/Mini Capsule Wardrobe Part 2

Since last week's vlog, I have been slowly but steadily working on the wardrobe. I shipped off 21 pieces of clothing (and one pair of shoes!) to Twice (much like Thread Up, if you sign up using my link I will get a store credit) for free and am eagerly awaiting their offer for my used stuff.

Included in the bag is the most gorgeous Plenty by Tracy Reese black and cream eyelet skirt ever...it pained me to send it off but that skirt NEVER fit me. I donated at least 20 pieces to Goodwill, and still have a small pile here that I am deciding what to do with.

I have also separated out items that will not be in the Fall Capsule and put them in a separate closet.
Items did not make the cut but are being kept because of the following:
  • I will be in the postpartum phase and need comfy, forgiving, nursing friendly clothes
  • I have 2 special occasion dresses that I need in my arsenal
  • A couple of sweaters that will be too warm for fall
  • Silk tops that are not nursing friendly
  • Pink tops -- I felt they are not going to go well with my navy/neutral/black color scheme for fall, but will definitely wear them in the spring

There are a lot of maybes right now. The only definite piece I have is my diaper bag. I have 4 pairs of jeans and one pair of stretchy pants that I am not sure about, because they are in a range of sizes.

 Citizens of Humanity, Joe's Jeans, Joe's Jeans and Banana Republic jeans. All except one pair are from Goodwill!
I will be able to make a final decision on these soon. I still have 27 pieces in my potential fall wardrobe. There are big gaps that I am finally able to realize because of this project. I have "stuff" but not the right stuff. When you carefully consider each piece, and how it will be worn, it makes a difference in what you buy! Just "grabbing something at Target" usually does not mean "careful consideration".  Dresses and woven shirts are a big gap in my wardrobe, as well as shoes. There is too much pink. I have belts. Why do I have belts?!

Stay tuned next week (or maybe even later this week!) and I will have a vlog showing you what is staying and what is being stored in the extra closet!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Closet Cleanup and Mini Capsule Wardrobe Part 1

Welcome to my first vlog!!

So I am getting pretty serious about this whole capsule wardrobe thing. I first heard about it from Jessica over at One Simple Thing - I love her style. Upon more research, I found the wonderful blog Unfancy and also found Jennifer L Scott. She is an amazing inspiration and I need her books. Anyway, my goal is to get a small capsule wardrobe with 10-12 pieces to make things a lot easier on myself when getting ready. Also, this project is really making me think about the stuff I have kept over the years. What have I been thinking?!! Why do I have a million shirts that are not flattering (and I know it) but only 2 of the types of shirts that are flattering and bring joy to my wardrobe?  Why are there so many cardigans? So few dresses (my fave?)
Lots to think about, lots to purge.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What #thriftstore $30 Looks Like

I want to start sharing with ya'll my shopping trips and how far money really goes at thrift stores. This trip total was $30 and some change.

Here is what I found on one trip to the thrift!

 Converse shoes that will fit my son, will run them through the washer.

The books with the green tags were 50% off. I have been searching for The Blue Fairy Book and was so very happy to find it and to pay 50 cents!!!

 2 pairs of baby shoes, one Mexican top for my daughter, teal top for me (from Kohls but it was cute)

 Target striped top, Baby Gap top, and Wonder Woman onesie!

 I got 9 baby hats (working on a craft with those), Old Navy Striped onesie

And here is what I am most excited about (other than the Blue Fairy Book!)..a Jon Hart purse! It is in brand new condition..for $5! This would retail at $90 in the boutique. My daughter immediately claimed it, and I will be taking it in to get the monogram changed.
So, what do you think about my trip? How much would everything had cost at retail? Inspired to thrift yet?