Thursday, May 5, 2016

Battle For Texas: A New San Antonio Alamo Adventure!

Spoiler alert: I cried at the end.
Last week I was invited to preview the new Battle For Texas: The Experience with my children. In exchange for this blog post, I will be given one admission ticket. Below is my opinion of this new exhibit.
As you might know from my Instagram @sevenlovelythings, my family is an exhibit/museum/adventure loving family. When we were invited to preview the new Battle For Texas exhibit in Rivercenter mall, I was naturally excited. I did dread parking downtown, but then I realized I would be parking in a garage! It was a nice afternoon trip, we grabbed lunch, did a little shopping, then visited the exhibit.
Walking into the exhibit, you immediately forget that you are actually inside a mall and you find yourself on a journey to Texas. Ahh yes, the promised land that is Texas. Cheap land, tax free. Nicely laid out, you follow a path around the exhibit, and you feel like you are on a journey like the early Texas settlers. An early Texas map on display really puts into perspective all the huge hope and promise this land had. But as you move about the exhibit, you feel a darker tension lurking. Together with audio throughout the exhibit, many (some never seen before!) artifacts and well placed lighting, you start feeling emotional about the whole thing (well I did). My kids loved the audio and the vivid colors throughout. As I read about and felt the history, they enjoyed the "make your own flag" digital interactive part. I loved the layout, which was great for keeping small children in sight. 
The most memorable part of the exhibit was when you "walk" into the Alamo. At the Exhibit, there is a huge gate to enter (seriously, we were in awe), immediately you feel like its night, and you see the heroes of the Alamo as they would have been in their places, predawn, on March 6. The weight of the battle surrounded us, and my kids were a little nervous! A large cannon is in the middle of this section, and it has a rope you can pull, and you really get the sense of just how hard it was to be a defender.
Truth be told, we had to skip the part of the Exhibit that was the finale, because my kids got pretty nervous at the sounds (They are all 6 and under). Luckily, there are two to follow the battle, and one to go into a room filled with televisions showing some of Texas' most iconic images. There is even a part where you can take your picture and get "added" to the Texas flag, the kids really thought that was fun.

I couldn't help but get teary eyed at the end. When you think about this battle, the losses, and how others fought for our great state, it is emotionally staggering. Native Texan or Tourist, you will definitely learn about the Alamo in a personal way like you haven't before!

Admission is $19.50 for adults and $15.50 for children 3-12.
Monday – Saturday: 10 AM - 9 PM
Sunday: 12 PM - 6 PM
Final Entry is 1 hour prior to closing
Battle for Texas: The Experience website:

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