Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Vintage Dishes for Tea Time

I try to stay away from breakable decor but china is a category I can rarely resist. If you saw my previous post about a thrifty tea party, consider this is continuation. We have tea time frequently here, either by ourselves or with our sweet neighbor. I am always adding to the dish collection, and I recently found the prettiest little teacups ever at Goodwill here in San Antonio. My latest acquisitions were 49 cents each, and are all vintage. FORTY NINE CENTS! I do not buy any tea cups that are over this price anymore. I also found the most amazing cloth napkins for FORTY NINE CENTS each as well. Amazing! I spent $4.40 total on the linens. I swear its more expensive to buy tea and cookies.
 All items pictured were 49 cents each except for the Limoges butterfly pattern egg on the far right ($2.99)

 They feel as gorgeous as they look!

I found a copy of the wonderful poetry collection, Animals, Animals by Eric Carle at Goodwill for 99 cents. Poetry teatime anyone?

*Disclosure: I received a Goodwill gift card to purchase the items featured in this post*

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