Friday, June 27, 2014

Five Favorites

Welcome to Five Favorites on this Friday. It has been raining a LOT here in San Antonio and I am crossing my fingers it doesn't rain this morning so we can go have some playground time. Also, I am totally avoiding the grocery store. How about you?
Anyway, I am linking up with the awesome, hilarious blogger Heather over at Mama Knows, Honeychild. Chachachacheckitout, mmmk?

1) LL Bean Boat & Tote. This bag, ya'll. It is the absoulte best purchase I have made in months. The canvas is amazingly sturdy and the size (I got the Large) is WOW. I mean, I read the dimensions glazed over the dimensions before ordering, and when I actually SAW the bag in person...yeah. And its made in Maine!! Now I am thinking I need one for the library, one for weekends away.... Don't be confused by impostor boat and tote bags.

2) Erin Condren Life Planner (this link will take you to get a $10 coupon and give me a credit!) My 3rd yearly planner is currently on its way to me (I am totally stalking any Fedex truck I see near my house!), and I can honestly say this is the best planner ever, and totally worth the $$ for me. I am a very "needs to write down to remember/must have weekly and monthly views" calendar person. Plus there are tons of stickers inside as well as note paper. All in one! Love it.

3) Almond Milk for smoothies. Recommended by the awesome Heather who runs our local curated farmer's market, The Quarry Farmer's Market, this milk is awesome and I would never have tried it otherwise. Here is her recipe for a yummy chocolate smoothie.

4) Music Together. When my son was little, some random lady at Babies R Us recommended this for us and I have been thanking her ever since. I did MT with my son from about 8 months till he was 3 in Massachusetts. Then we moved here to Texas and I tried it with both kids but we did not click with the class. I was heartbroken...and then found another teacher and signed myself and my daughter up. She loves it!! Its so nice just to do something with "Lil Sis" and I, and it makes me so happy to see her so happy. The songs are real music and not cheesy at all.

5) The San Antonio public library. It has brought sanity to my days, especially this week when I am feeling the full effects of being pregnant and having 2 other busybody children. We only went like, 3 times this week. Mainly because I got confused about their schedule but it looks like we are going again today and tomorrow for Dinosaur George (they have great programming in the summer!!) Plus my son just completed his first 15 books of the summer as a listener and got his certificate, he is so proud!!

What are your faves this week? Tell me here or link up with Heather. Have a great weekend!


  1. Love Dinosaur George. Head down to the library basement for the Book Cellar, where you can buy books for $1 plus or minus a little. One of our favorite haunts when the kids were little.

  2. Honestly? Enjoying Netflix a lot this week while we're working on potty training. The days are long when we're here all day,several days in a row...even after open-ended play, books, and art. At least SuperWhy and Busytown are educational. :)


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