Monday, June 23, 2014

Super Affordable Process Art Playdate With Goodwill!

My Goodwill arty finds, both books were 99 cents and gave me lots of inspiration, as well as Pinterest =)

*Disclosure: I was given a Goodwill gift card to purchase items used in this post*
Last week, my kids and I hosted a playdate in our backyard. Thankfully the day was cloudy, so we didn't pass out from the heat. I specifically wanted this event to be outside because I wanted the kids to get really MESSY and to have fun! We had around 10 kids total (including babies) and I think everyone went home happy! I used so many of my thrifted items from Goodwill San Antonio for the playdate, and I wanted to share them with you here.
No playdate is complete without snacks! That is always the first thing I set and drink. The 2 vintage Pyrex bowls are from Goodwill (they were $2.99 each I believe), the wicker basket was 99 cents and I lined it with a vintage doily. The drink tub was also 99 cents at Goodwill. I covered the snack table with a 99 cent tablecloth also from Goodwill.

 The first activity I set up was a wheel painting station. I used the $1.99 finger paint set from Goodwill and some random play cars. I made sure the wheels had extra interesting patterns on them so their tracks would stand out in the paint.

 The second station was a scribble table, I just taped the paper (I got a huge roll at a hardware store) to the table and put markers and wet was amazing that the kids knew just what to do! I actually did a bit of drawing myself while I was chatting with the other Moms.

The last station I had set up was a spray paint station, I put diluted liquid watercolors in spray bottles, secured the paper onto my Melissa and Doug easel from Goodwill (It was $9.99!!! What a deal!) and let the kids spray away. White paper would have been ideal here, but the kids loved the station! They were actually quite happy to spray on the brown paper with water once we ran out of watercolors.

I hope I gave you some ideas of things to look for at Goodwill, and I know I will definitely be taking more stuff like this outside and getting messy! Since everything was such a great price, (including my son's Pete the Cat shirt, also 99 cents at Goodwill--kids clothes 4t and under is 99 cents) I did not stress like I usually do about getting messy!


  1. It is summer time!!!! Thank you for the reminder to go to Goodwill! I most likely will go next week and I know my girls will get excited because you NEVER know the fun you will stumble upon.

  2. Fabulous ideas! Great job, Veronica. :)

  3. Love process art, and process art play dates are even more fun!!


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