Thursday, April 24, 2014

Our Library Adventures

Last week I challenged myself to take the kids to at least 3 different library story times in honor of National Library Week. Read this blog post about our first stop: Brookhollow library.
Our second trip was to Tobin library story time on Wednesday.
We completed our adventures the very next day, Thursday at the most beautiful library, Landa Library, where the awesome Ms. Claire shared books about stop and go, complete with felt fun with red, green and yellow "stoplights". I apologize for the lack of pictures, something terrible happened to my memory card and all my 2014 pictures are gone!!
You might be wondering why this is important, and why National Library Week needs to be recognized. The short answer is that the number of participants in these programs matters to the "powers that be". It matters because this is what they take into account when allocating budgets to libraries. I want to get more details on this, but that's it in a nutshell.
That is not the only reason, there are so many more reasons for me why this programming for young children matters: it exposes them to a world of book selections, they see that books are fun, the story doesn't stop where the pages stop!

So, next time you are looking for something to do with your child, remember the library and all of its wonderful programs and dedicated librarians! We are so fortunate to have a myriad of branch libraries in our city, you seriously could do nothing but library activities all week with your young children!


  1. Veronica, you are so right, our libraries are a great resource. It's important to let the city know that libraries are important. This link will lead you to contact info for all the city council members, in case you want to email or call them:


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