Monday, April 28, 2014

How To Save Hundreds on Maternity Clothes

*Disclosure: I received a $25 Goodwill gift card for items used in this post*
Know anyone who is expecting a new baby? Two very important things to think about when gathering a maternity wardrobe is COMFORT and PRICE. Who wants to spend a bunch of money on clothes that will be worn for less than a year? I recently went looking for clothes at a maternity boutique and a major retail chain. I was shocked, just shocked at the prices. So I have been scouring Goodwill here in San Antonio for maternity clothes, and have been oh so pleasantly surprised with the awesome maternity finds!
Here is a comparison on prices. You will find HUNDREDS saved!

Casual Dress $120
Dressy Dress $89
Denim Shorts $79
Tshirt $ 48
Grand total: $336

Midlevel Chain Store:
Cotton Skirt $39.95
Tshirt $22.95
Pants $69.95
Casual Dress $34.99
Grand Total: $168

Gap Maternity Blue Pants $3.99
Gap Maternity Tshirt $4.99
Gap Maternity White Capri's $3.99

Gap Maternity Black Dress $7.99
Motherhood Maternity Dress $7.99
Motherhood Maternity Black Cotton Dress $7.99
Loft Tank (non maternity but has an elasticized waistband and a generous fit) $4.99
Jason Wu for Target Polka Dot Top (non maternity) $4.99
Cha Cha Vente Tunic (non maternity, swingy, full style) $4.99
Grand Total: $51.91 
If purchased at retail, these items would cost well over $300!!

Maternity thrifting tips for your search: Walk through the pants, skirts and shorts looking for the distinctive "maternity panel" or elasticized waistbands. This saves me a ton of time! Also, look for tops that you like in the "regular" sizes, but with fuller cuts and longer styles. The length is important! As one's midsection grows, clothing tends to get shorter.
These helpful tips will carry you from maternity and after!

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  1. The great thing about Goodwill is that you never know what you will find week to week! It can get overwhelming tho esp if you have kids hanging off of you.


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