Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Celebrating National Library Week #NLW14

Looks like a bunch of presents? These are themed book bundles to grab if you are in a hurry (or not)!
 It always feels like a special occasion when we go to the library. (Well, other than paying fines, we tend to lose books periodically). In celebration of National Library Week, my plan is to go to at least three different library story times this week. We were going to two a week for a while, but then stopped for some reason or another. Time to reignite the fire!!
Today we visited one of my favorite branches here in San Antonio, Brook Hollow on Heimer Road. The children's librarian is absolutely fantastic and my son and daughter (who are a bit of a tough crowd) pay attention most of the time. And I am super picky about library story times. Having been to many in New England, I have high standards. Today's books were about CARS and the librarian did a fun felt counting rhyme with different colored cars that my kids loved!

Pre-storytime, we did the Hey Diddle Diddle Rhyme, and my daughter got to hold the cat!
We had a fun time today and I can't wait to share our next experience with ya'll later this week! Also, if you see something great at the library, let the librarian know! They really seem to appreciate it.

What is the best activity you have been to at the public library?


  1. I wish there was something for early readers at the library. Standing in line over the weekend, I saw that our branch has storytime up to preK (ish) and then there's something for tweens. My girl would love a book club for her age group, especially since we homeschool and don't have the benefit of a school library.

    1. True!! The only thing I have seen is Read to A Dog (at Brook Hollow), for early readers, but its not a group led time like storytime or play and learn. Let me know if you find something!

  2. What cute pictures!

    Our favorite lately has been "come and go crafts". My son (age 6) has gotten pretty handy lately with scissors, glue, tape, etc. He can putter around and do the project his own way. Little sister (age 4) usually finds some pals for a giggle fest while they work.


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