Monday, April 14, 2014

Musings on Being a Stay at Home Mom

I'm going to get a little personal with ya'll. This is a bunch of words with no cute pictures.

I absolutely love staying at home with my kids. Now, just because I love it doesn't mean that every day is perfect. Actually, no day is "perfect". Our days are crazy, they are filled with joy and tears and tantrums and books and art....
Sometimes I think back to what my past self assumed staying at home would entail. I guess I imagined lots of work lunches but just with a cute baby and stroller in tow, and didn't actually realize that the cute baby and stroller would um, not go away after my allotted hour lunch. (And I assumed that I would get an hour lunch HAHA!)

This is what I wish my 25 year old self knew:

Being home with your children does not mean you will literally be at your place of residence for 24 hours every day. Being "home" means being with them. Period.

Being home is as glamorous (or as not glamorous) as you make it. Feel like putting makeup on? Great. Don't? Well, there are days for that too.

Everything takes effort, even being at home. Just because there is no one clear job duty, doesn't mean you do "nothing" or "everything". Just because there is no direct deposit in your bank account every 2 weeks does not mean you are not getting paid. Payment is intangible at this company.

People will judge, just like they did in the corporate world. Except this time it feels more personal and you don't leave at 6. (Hey, remember working till 7 on sales reports by sku? Ha.) Many will assume you are the nanny, or never had a real job. Let them.
Its funny because when you have to bring out your 25 year old business professional self, people (including you) look and sound shocked.

Lastly, I wish I knew that its ok to make a mistake, be tired, not have a perfect plan in place. I guess I wish I would have cut myself a little more slack and trusted in God's plan starting out. Because there are just so many things we can force, and so many, more important things that we cannot. Being at home has taught me that, and so much more.
The journey continues....


  1. So true! SAHM is a hard job.... And you don't get to go to work for 8 hours w a lunch break and 2 15 mn breaks.. you are ON until those kids go to bed, but I would not trade it.

  2. Amen! Adam's working seven-day weeks this spring, and I am TIRED. I love my girls and wouldn't trade it, but just a modicum of personal space would be much appreciated. :)


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