Monday, March 24, 2014

Christmas in March with Goodwill San Antonio @GoodwillSA

*Disclaimer: I was compensated with a Goodwill gift card to buy the items in this post*

One of my best ever, top thrifting tips is to BUY AHEAD! Whether it be kids shoes, clothes, or seasonal items, I am always thinking ahead when I thrift. This is when you will find the best stuff, since not everyone is looking for say, Christmas stuff. So yeah, I got ornaments in March.

Check it out. These awesome vintage ornaments were only 99 cents. They are great for our tree, especially since I have little "helpers" that might destroy delicate glass ornaments. The ornaments remind me of similar wooden ones that went on our Christmas tree when I was growing up (my mom probably still has them). Really, that is why I was drawn to them, because they reminded me of something I had seen before. You just never know what will catch your eye.

Then, a few days after I found the ornaments, I found these awesome, cork backed placemats (set of 4) from Williams Sonoma. I paid $9.99, which is more than I usually pay for anything at Goodwill, but I am severely lacking in the tabletop department when it comes to Christmas.

What have you found "off season" at the thrift store? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I have not visited a thrift store in a while, never thought to go during off season. That is a good idea. I am actually a big after seasonal shopper. After Valentines Day I stocked up on stuffed animals and stored the in our to be gifted closet. I found a HUGE pink frog for $5!

  2. I love this table mats too. I understand why you bought them. Sometimes we just need a little splurge to make our lives more beautiful.

  3. You are right about buying ahead ... I do that for everything when thrifting ... Jackets in July, Summer dresses in December and I purchase holiday décor all year long! Great find on the placemats btw! pippa


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