Monday, March 31, 2014

Books of the Week Volume 7

Welcome to volume 7! I have been reading a lot more myself, how about you?

This week, we are favoring:
Me: The House at Riverton by Kate Morton. The only version I could get my hands on was the large print version from the library and at first I felt silly but then I realized that I REALLY LIKE large print books.
      This story is about a 98 year old woman who used to be a servant (think Downton) in England. This book was darker than I expected but was a well written page turner (overall). I feel like there are many unanswered questions about Grace, the main character who narrates the book....which makes me realize that she maintains her status as a servant observer even after she leaves "service" and that she is not the main character at all....I highly recommed. Up next on my list is The Goldfinch.

Mr. Z (4): FIRE TRUCK by Peter Sis. This book seems sparse on first glance. But the bold, simplistic illustrations and wording make this book super fun to read and see. Do you want to BE a fire truck? This book is for you!

Miss P (2): The Belly Button Book by Sandra Boynton. Everyone loves this book in our house. So silly and fun, the rhymes and BEE BO's keeps everyone's attention.

What are you reading?


  1. I just finished The Goldfinch. It's so well-written but I nearly gave up during an especially dark part of the book (which is saying a lot because most of this book is DARK) when the plot seemed to stand still. But, I'm glad I stuck with it after all.

  2. If there is a large print that's usually the one I check out. And most times the waiting list is shorter too ;-) I'm waiting on a few books to come in so I picked up a Nicolas Sparks book for now. Easy reading! I am going to have to buy my little one a copy of a book he checked out because he loves it. Of course I can't remember the name right now though. Super easy read but cute! I'll have to do a book post this week too! LOL

  3. Man, I love Sandra Boynton! I think I've read the House at Riverton before--I may need to look it up on Goodreads to be sure.


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