Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Play Shelves This Week

Whew. I was sick, the kids have been sick...the blog has been on the back burner this week.

Now that I have a minute, I wanted to share with ya'll what is on our play shelves for the past week and a half. I found the black shelf in a closet and moved it out to the dining  play room where it can be better utilized. I mean, who really needs their vintage sewing patterns neatly arranged on a shelf. Certainly not me.....

By having the toys displayed in this manner, they are played with waay more and there is less mess for me. My goal is to completely eliminate bins of mixed toys.

 Top to bottom: Melissa and Doug shapes clock (which I got a great deal on but then lost the shapes and FINALLY found them), Spiders book, need to get some play spiders!
 WedgIts blocks! Both kids can spend 30 minutes ++ with these! Got a deal on them from ebay

 Busy book I found at the thrift store, instruments, lacing blocks, shape/water blocks, potato head and puzzles.
What are your kids doing this week?


  1. What do you do with the toys that aren't out? Toy rotation is my weakness.

    1. Well, we have more toys in my son's room that arent so contained, such as train set and cars. Those, when they are picked up, go into some drawers. Other than that we dont have many other toys. The big toys like play castle/dollhouse are always out. (and make a mess I might add). I do have some toys in a storage bin in the garage too though. Not sure If I will actually remember to rotate them, but I am trying to be more mindful of if the kids are tired of something or not.

  2. This is giving me some ideas -- how to set up the toys in a way that makes them easier for the kids to find and use. Thank you for the inspiration.


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