Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thrifty Thursday Volume 8

Its been a while my friends. Its time to link up with Ruth over at Living Well, Spending Less today!

I have most definitely been thrifting. Ohhh you better believe it.

I found the most amazing treasures (do I say that every week?)! I found great clothes for the kids (Janie and Jack, Gap, and of course, Toy Story Tshirts). I even found a JCrew Wool Dress MY SIZE with the most awesome round buttons up the back. The dress even has pockets!! 

But my favorite finds of the week are these. Get ready, I am about to knock your socks off.

Vintage Alarm Clock, $1.99

 A beautiful journal from Anthropologie, $1.99

Drumroll please.......

My dream shoes, great color, wedge but not too high, and nearly new in my size Tory Burch $7.99.

Go thrifting and thank me later!


  1. These are great finds!! I have to say, I am coveting those shoes right now... :)

  2. Ahh those shoes that is surely a treasure! Good job


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