Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Library Additions

I wanted to share with ya'll the newest additions this week to our book collection.

One is brand new, the others are thrifted.

We have loved this World Atlas (which I sell at my online bookstore), but I had not gotten a permanent copy for our home. I finally did it when the sale started and let me tell you, this is a book that the kids pull out by themselves every day!! I am so excited about it because I am learning new things from this book too. And its absolutely beautiful. (Disclosure: the link to the book takes you to my store, where I receive a commission if you buy anything).

Here are my thrifted finds, what's really awesome is that Mouse Mess has been on our wishlist!! I found it in a basket of books at the thrift store. It was just waiting for me.

So excited to read these and add them to our reading log!

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