Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our Reading Challenge, and FREE PRINTABLE!!

This summer, my son, who is 3, participated in the San Antonio Public Library's "Summer Reading Program". As a listener, a child needs 15 books read to him or her to receive a certificate. Well, we completed one list! My son was super proud and excited, and it really kept me on track with making sure our  reading time was consistent every week.

Then, at the beginning of August, I decided to up the ante and complete another reading log of 15 books, to be completed by the end of the month. The twist was to only write down books on the log that were NEW to us....i.e. never read by us before. AND I wanted to finish before we went out of town, so it gave us roughly 3 weeks. Waaay more than enough time.
But, guess what? We didn't reach our goal!! We were short one book! The problem? We keep going back to old favorites and don't mix up our reading variety enough.
So what to do.....well, this week we are going over letter M and S sounds, so I found some great book lists on pinterest (did I mention I discovered the world of blogger LIBRARIANS! OMGHERD!) and made an author list and went to the library, loaded up a huge tote of books, and left in the rain.
And my son has been reminding me to "write it on my chart" when we finish a book, so I wanted to share our personal reading chart I made!

Its a fun way to not only document what you are reading, but to keep yourself motivated! I also added "owned" and "wishlist" columns, just in case you want to remember that the book was from the library (we have a lot of books in our personal library so its hard to keep track) and you want to buy it someday!
I hope you find it useful.

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