Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What Reading Aloud Can Do

Two weeks ago, I decided to document the amounts of time I spent reading to my children. I needed more information so I would know how to proceed. My son loves to read, and sometimes I feel like he does not get enough reading time. On an average day, I read 30-45 minutes to my son. Other days, days that I am really busy and just let things slip, he gets about 15 minutes of reading. Since then, for the past week, I have been slowly inching up the time I read aloud to him and have been making sure he gets at least 30 minutes.
GUESS WHAT?! Reading transforms my children. I was worried about what my 14 month old would be doing while I spent one-on-one time with my older child. I should not have been worried. She sees us with books, so she either plays with books or pages through books herself. Then she wants me to read to her once I am done reading to her brother. My son, who will watch TV and be grumpy given the opportunity, has latched on to this increase in reading time. This week, we are pushing an hour or more of read aloud time. He looks at books and pretends to read as the read aloud time has increased. Interesting, right?!
I am so so excited! We go to the library every week, so I try to get at least 3 "new" books in the reading mix for the week, because he does like to read certain titles over and over and over. (Our most repeated titles are "I Took the Moon for a Walk", "Shopping with Dad", "Cookie's Week", and The Berenstain Bears "No Girls Allowed".
our new books!
I just found the titles pictured above at the thrift store, so we will be reading them this week, along with "Ship Shapes" from my Barefoot store. (Disclaimer: I receive a commission if you buy anything from my store)

post signatureWhat is your reading routine like? What are your favorite repeated books?

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  1. You are right, Veronica! It does transform children. Reading opens their minds up to endless possibilities. When I started reading more to my son - he started writing more creatively! I read all kids of books - trying to find ones that he really likes. I like introducing him to a lot.

    Plus, it's good for the soul. It's good that we spend time with our children (that's not in front of the TV). You know, just interacting.

    Thanks for this post!


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