Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fave of the Week: Mop Top by Don Freeman

Don't judge a book by its ratty cover. See this book? I have mentioned it here before on the blog, it is one of my son's absolute favorites. My mom actually bought it with a bunch of other books at a yard sale, and it had been sitting in their attic for the longest time. I never looked through all the books until recently, and little did I know that a huge treasure for my son was just waiting.
We really enjoy Don Freeman books, and this is a great addition to our collection (Corduroy included!). This book, MOP TOP, has such interesting artwork- all done in black, white and red. The language is fun and wonderful as well, and now my son says "Sonny" and "Mop Top" in conversation and gets such a kick out of it. The story is about a boy who needs a haircut but really does not want one. The barber in the book is "Mr. Barberoli". Perfect, memorable names and characters. Lots of assonance that is exciting to read and hear. Hope you enjoy! Look out for it at your local library (or thrift store).

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  1. I'm glad you mentioned Thrift shops as a place to snag good used children's books. I have spent many an afternoon digging through recycled children's books. I almost always come away with a small treasure.


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