Monday, April 29, 2013

My Sewing Club

Hello Monday readers!
Last week was Kids Clothes Sewing Week with Elise Marley. I was so excited, I had a couple of garmets planned. Well. They did not happen, I got really sick for 24 hours then I had a book fair, and my babysitter couldn't make it all week. So my house is a disaster and I got zero sewing done. Where do people find the time to sew? Since I dont have show and tell today, I wanted to share with you a little story I had forgotten about until recently. I am pretty sure it was blocked out of my mind for a reason.
When I was in New England, I decided to start a sewing club to meet other people with a shared interest in sewing. I signed up on Meetup, paid $25 for the group, and the members started pouring in! I was so excited. When we finally met up (all 4 of us), it was clear that we were all quite different. One woman was looking at someone else with a child inside the Panera and said "Why would you ever have kids?!" Ummmm I was like, 6 months pregnant at this point and gave her a crazy look. The other woman who showed up said she doesnt really sew but really could use some company, and proceeded to start some sort of group therapy session. One other girl was really fun, a food scientist for Dunkin Donuts. That was our first meeting.
Our second meeting was held at my house (MISTAKE!) and the meetup was supposed to be from 6-8 but the women just would not leave my house. It was 9:30 by the time they left, and they only left because my son, who was 2 and a half or so, kept crying (he was trying to go to sleep but they were really loud) and the crying was really getting on one of the ladie's nerves. Now everyone (except the Dunkin Donuts girl) was older than me by 45 years and they all were looking for a club to talk. Not to actually sew. Sigh. So that was the disaster that was my sewing club. Needless to say, I will NOT be starting another. I contacted the American Sewing Guild in my area last week, but no one followed through with registration info and meeting schedule in my area.
post signatureAre you part of any clubs or groups with shared interests?

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  1. I really want to start a sewing group but I'm afraid that that will happen to me too. I'm afraid that the only groups that last very long are the ones where everyone was friends before they started a group together :(


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