Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happiness IS....Series #happinessIS

Time to link up with Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting for the #HAPPINESSIS series!
I am sick sick sick this week! Hoping that I will be much better by Easter, I am surprised I am even writing this post!

HappinessIS ...arranging toys just SO and then asking to have a picture taken of said toys because it makes you SO happy!!

Happiness is...trying to open a bag of dirt, and then having your mouth wiped out because you got dirt!!

Happiness is finally having the beautiful quilt hung on the wall! Note: I attempted this project over a week ago. Apparently I am too short, and so is my ladder.

Happiness is being silly and tickling each other. Their laughs were so fun to hear!

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  1. That tickle picture is adorable. Sibling love is so much better than sibling war. & the quilt looks great.

  2. The quilt is fantastic!

    I love your organized toys. Our toys look like a hot mess. I organanize them, then they are a hot mess again after a day - so I just let it go.
    Great Happiness Is!

  3. My son does the same thing "mom take take my picture" when he has toys all set up.


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