Monday, April 1, 2013

Sewing Closet Organization and Vintage Pattern Eye Candy

I want to share a big project I have been working on. Yes, once you read the rest of this and see the pictures, it might not look big to you, but to me, being organized like this is really challenging. This all started when we moved in 2012, my sewing items were not a priority and got stuck everywhere. Boxes, cabinets, different rooms...when we moved this year, I had  a dedicated space in the garage I was going to make into a sewing workroom of sorts. That was a BAD idea. Why? 1) Because who wants to look at the garage, complete with gardening supplies and a kitty box while they are sewing? And 2) It gets HOT in the garage (I forgot I live in Texas). So I moved some items inside to a hall closet, the rest in the kitchen cabinets. This mde no sense. So I cleared out the hall closet and made it my sewing storage space. It is simple, nothing like you see on pinterest, but it is the real deal, and since we don't have an extra room for my sewing, this works great! My machine will be setup in the dining room inside a sideboard once we buy one. Oh, and check out my extensive vintage pattern collection. I just love looking at all the awesome patterns.
This shelf holds fabrics (I have a very small stash), Ribbons, adhesives, etc.

I have lots of yarn. I love fibers.

Notions and other supplies on the very top, then all the binders that hold my patterns on the bottom

No one would ever know what is behind these doors!
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  1. Your blog looks great Veronica! And I'm jealous of your organization.

    1. Thank you Michelle, that means a lot to me coming from you! =) Lets see how long I can keep the stuff organized...


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