Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happiness is ______________#happinessIS

Its Wednesday!! Time for the #happinessIS linkup over with Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting! Check her out and link up!!

Happiness is random paintings and crumbs everywhere. Where else better to make a mess than your home? Someone made biscuits, and someone else enjoyed them. That makes me happy!

Happiness is being completely convinced that one IS INDEED a fireman. <3

Happiness is stealing mommy's lunch and brother's water.

Happiness is slowing down long enough to recognize the real moments and the information that matters. Not mindless news feeds, but things that are making life, well, life.


  1. Some days seem to just fly by. But on the days when I slow down and enjoy it all, those days are the best!

  2. That first picture is my entire house. Love it!


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