Friday, March 1, 2013

Unlikely Artist- Pinot's Palette Alamo Heights

I have a secret: I am not at all an "artist". Pictionary is my least favorite, most feared game and I got a B in drawing class. Who gets a B in drawing class? (I also got a B in dance class in college because I am extremely uncoordinated and the teacher thought I was purposely not following directions, whatever!)

I was recently invited to attend a girls night out at Pinot's Palette that just opened down the street from me, I was apprehensive and almost did not go. But I had a draining week with the kids and decided that girls night out was much needed! Pinot's Palette is a place to paint, drink, and have fun! Self described : "Bring your friends, open your favorite bottle of wine and get ready to be inspired by our local artists who will guide you step-by-step through a featured painting. At the end of the night...leave with your own masterpiece", they are so right! I was inspired and I DID leave with a masterpiece (I am still in shock!). I loved the location here in San Antonio, and they have MANY other locations throughout the country. Go check out their locations on the website. They even have events for kids ages 5-10 called "Petite Picasso Painting Days."

The teachers were wonderful! Very professional and really broke things down to a level even I could understand! I will definitely go back and I think you should try it out too!! Go with your girls, your bff, your hubby or your mama! You will be pleasantly surprised!

Here is the location information! 
7959 Broadway Suite 402, San Antonio, TX 78209
Tel: (210)-832-8004

Check out my experience:
clean water cups for brushes! all prepped and ready for us to grab...everything was so convenient and prepped for us!


**Disclaimer: I was invited to paint for free. I was not compensated for this post.


  1. It looks like so much fun! I am in love with your drawing! This is not the talent of a B-student for sure!

    Good going Veronica!


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