Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ROAR kit- San Antonio Public Library

Last week the kids and I ventured out of our little bubble and headed out to the Central Library here in San Antonio. We are so fortunate to have 2 smaller branch libraries near us, but the Central Library is probably only an extra 7 minutes away. WOW! I love a library, especially this one. The children's section takes up an entire floor and we went to a wonderful storytime. After storytime we explored a bit and I noticed some white, clear bins on a shelf against the wall. Upon further inspection I noticed that it was TREASURE!! What I found was a ROAR kit, short for "Reach Out and Read- theme related educational books, toys and games.  They can be found in the library catalog online when you look up R.o.a.r. kit and the barcode is KIT.
I love the kit and am really enjoying all that it is allowing me to do, to really mix things up for my son and keep learning "fresh". Not to mention the resource guide "Creating Readers" is amazing, amazing and really talks about how important language, rhymes, and word patterns are for children. What an awesome FREE resource for parents, homeschooling parents and children!
this book is wonderful...emphasizes how important it is for babies(even the unborn child) to be read to!
list of items included

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  1. I've always seen these boxes--can you check them out and bring them home?? They look awesome!


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