Friday, December 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Consider these 7 SUPER quick takes Friday.
--- 2 ---
I looked down at myself the other day, looked at the kids, and thought, wow, we are all wearing thrifted clothing. I was the only one head to toe, but still. It is so great to recycle. I finally dragged hubby to Goodwill last night. Lets just say it was very nice of him to go with me, but he doesn't get the thrill of the hunt like I do! Plus I have a systematic way I move around the store...I guess no one would know this unless they could read my mind. Thanks for going with me last night dear!! I think he was getting into it a little bit.
--- 3 ---
We are working on learning colors heavily this week. My son can match a green frog with green paper, but can't remember the color names. I am going to deem this age appropriate. (Of course this paranoid mommy thought he was possibly color blind. My husband told me I was crazy. He was right, again.)
--- 4 ---
I just found out about soap made by local nuns. Check them out over at Nonnavita Soap. Looks like everyone might be getting some soap this Christmas, especially the person I drew for Secret Santa (my parents, husband, brother and I all drew names), since I have NO IDEA what else to get them. Everyone uses soap, right?!
--- 5 ---
I told her to stop playing with the wipes and she tried to "hide". Funny, real funny.
Kinda disappointed with my other blog Handmade in SA, lack of interest on the part of craftspeople and readers. Might be closing that door soon. I thought it was a great idea!
--- 6 ---
I made my own felt board this week! Now I need to cut out some felt items so my son can play with it. I mistakenly thought velcro would be a good idea for the felt board. Not so much.
--- 7 ---
Looks like we might have to miss the Nutcracker this year! I was so excited about taking the kids, I should have done my planning better. Do you go to any performances this time of year?

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  1. Don't close the door on the Handmade in SA blog it's a great idea. It may just be because people are too busy right now.

  2. One year I bought tickets to the Nutcracker play and we went and my family was bored out of there mind. I dont know anyone who would want to share a love of theatre with me so now I just watch it on tv. The nutcracker music and the ballet.... love it
    We love goodwill shopping! Kids clothes for 99cents 5t and under is a must! Especially when your kids grow out of clothes so fast.
    Im sorry about your othe blog. maybe you can combine it? And take pics of your felt board. im curious to how it looks


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