Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Inspiration-Workspaces

When I was in retail, in the textiles area, I couldn't resist becoming obsessed with home design and decor.  fabrics, patterns, colors, Pantone colors....they all live very happily together. Here are some inspirational work spaces that I just adore!

Maybe if we all get inspired (and see how other people have a lot of junk too!) on Monday our week will be amazing!?


 Colors/prints everywhere!
Jane Hughes' space via Mollie Makes
Collections by color
via Martha Stewart, Office of Martha Stewart Living's Editorial Director  LINK

Clean, bright space
Amy Butler's study via Apartment Therapy 
What does your space look like?

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  1. work space? what work space? I use the kitchen table or my bed or laying on the couch! I wish I had a work space. How lovely that day would be :)


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