Friday, December 7, 2012

--- 1 ---
This week was so so busy. I feel so grateful for the days that move slow. We have been running from one thing to the next, and I have been a bit distracted. We finally slowed down a bit today and things are sooo much better. Kids (and Mommy) need time to process the who, what, where of everyday life.

--- 2 ---
We were invited to an AMAZING book launch event at the San Antonio Museum of Art. I need a family membership (HINT HINT TO MY SECRET SANTA PERSON)! Arte Kids books are beautiful works that teach through artwork and are bilingual books! And ya'll know that I love a wonderful book. I am ashamed that this was my first visit to the museum since college.

--- 3 ---
Advent is here. St. Nicholas visited us, and the journey to the manger continues. Like a journey of faith, this "little Lent" has been eye opening for me. I would call it a faith revival, but that implies too much on the negative side. Lets just say I have been visited by such clear grace I am so very thankful.

--- 4 ---
I am back to my thrifting ways! Check out this perfect for the season sweater I got at the thrift store for 99 cents!! All we need are some sparkly red leggings or a red tutu... We went to the mall in search of dress pants for my son, and it seriously looked like a toy and "Christmas" factory threw up inside there. Oh did. After thrift shopping the mall price tags are quite hard to process for me. But hey, the selection is guaranteed!
--- 5 ---
This time last year I was 34 weeks pregnant and living in Massachusetts. We had just installed new carpet in our den and finally painted all the rooms in our house. The nursery was ready, and was perfect and cozy. Little did I know that I would be living in Texas in 4 weeks time. I must not question, but submit to His plan. And make the best of it, because much will be revealed if we just Trust Him!
--- 6 ---
I have a pile of books that I am in the middle of. This week has been so draining I have not read ONE thing for myself. Not even a life & style magazine or the "easy" novel I have on my kindle. Must. Read. More.
--- 7 --- 
Pictures are worth many words....
 I am very helpful with eating cookies

beautiful cookie from the book launch provided by Lily's Cookies
 Did I say the museum was ahmahzin? I am so so excited about it. It is right by the river, and we walked down and DS saw a Taxi Boat AND a Police Boat. Dreams come true every day!

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  1. Welcome to Texas! I choose randomly 5-10 people's "takes" to read each week and I found your's. I live in New Braunfels, just to your north. We might have more in common, being AP mamas to young boys (mine is 19 months). Isn't the Riverwalk amazing this time of year? I just posted about going downtown for a concert last weekend. We drove right by the children's museum and I thought about how fun it would be to take William, but not if I have to brave the traffic to do it! We have a children's museum in New Braunfels too, smaller, but really neat!

    1. Thanks Erin for reading and commenting! I am actually from Texas, and hubs grew up in New Braunfels! Small world. It has just been culture shock going up to the east coast and back lol. I enjoyed checking out your blog and I will be bookmarking it! So so great to meet you!

  2. I keep saying that I want a membership for x-mas too! We havent been going lately becuase we didnt think he would be interested so we only took him to the childrens museum and the Witte becuase of the Heb playhouse. But now with these kids programs starting at SAMA I really want to take him. You've only been here a year? wow! Right now me and my sister just started reading world war Z. what's on your reading list?

    1. Lol maybe after Christmas when someone buys our memberships we can meet up there! Yea, but I went to college here, although it is different being back with kids ha! My reading list is way too long. Some unfinished reading on my stack: Midwives, The Happiness Project, Outliers, The Four Loves....

    2. Maybe we can take the kids to the zoo? I have a zoo membership that lets me bring in 2 free guests. It was really great meeting you and would love to hang out :)


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