Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dollhouses Are For Boys Too!

You read that correctly. "Dollhouses" aren't just for girls. If it makes the gentlemen feel better, lets call them "playhouses" with "pretend people".

Mr. Z is obsessed with anything in miniature that looks real. I am too. When I was little, I had an ugly brown industrial metal shelf, and the bottom shelf was a Barbie studio apartment of sorts.
Now, I lean away from the brightly colored plastic pieces with no texture.

I have been combing the web for inspiration. My favorite (seriously, I almost cried when I saw the care and thought that went into this dollhouse)  is from Nicole's Making It Lovely blog. Tour the house HERE.

                                       Also loving how thrifty chic The Busy Budgeting Mama made hers!

And this link from Shelterness has me swooning!! There are some amazingly creative people out there! So now I am scouring ebay, thrift stores, and anywhere else for playhouse things!

Did you have a dollhouse as a child? Do you furnish dollhouses as a hobby for yourself or for your children?

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