Wednesday, September 5, 2012

needle & thREAD

Hello everyone!
Hello Wednesday! Don't you just love a short week?
Today is the day we talk about reading and sewing along with In the Heart of My Home's needle & thREAD series.
i really love to do lists, no matter how simple
ready to be stenciled with paint!

the inside of Mr. Z's tote bag

I read the Secret Lives of Dresses over the long weekend. It was excellent and I am dreaming about the box of vintage buttons described in part of the book. Sewing...well, that is going slooooooow here. Slow sewing. Snail sewing...I seriously had to make a pitiful little to do list. But hey, I got a little tote bag finally done for my son (I started it in June, all I needed to do was sew up the opening!). It feels good to make progress, no matter how small.

needle and thREAD

What are you reading?
Do you sew?


  1. I'm turning a t-shirt into a dress this week but I'm I'm having trouble picking a fabric for the skirt. The shirt is deep purple.

  2. Ooh fabric picking can take me foreeever!! You could do a lighter purple, or maybe somehow add colorblocking of other purple shades. I would love to see a picture when you are done!


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