Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nursery Updates

Hello dear readers, long time no blog.

I have been busy this past week, adding to my regular SAHM duties I been stalking used wool cloth diaper covers over at Sloomb's buy/sell/trade page, planning a party, organizing the house (hanging pictures, looking in boxes to see just what exactly is packed in them from the move), purging closets, decorating rooms. I have also been crafty, so look out for some tutorials on the blog this week!

Hanging pictures sounds easy, right? In my world, things happen like this: have desire to hang pictures for 3 months. find pictures. find hammer after opening 10 cabinets to see just where I hid it out of reach of a toddler. realize I dont have any hangers. go to target 2 days later to buy hangers. finally hang pictures 2 days after that. and so on.

the yellow needlepoint are from my grandmother, the one on the right is a thrifty find!

trying to figure out how to display this in the nursery  

this is a mere fraction of our kiddo book collection

 Also, in lieu of books being piled up on the floor and being strewn about at the end of the day, I finally decided to utilize the ugly shelves in the room and make a reading nook. Our last house had a wonderful nook, and I finally found a good spot for it in this house. I plan on dressing these shelves up with cardboard covered in fabric for the back of the shelves. See this awesome crib quilt I put on the floor? A sweet local mama made this! Check her out at Barlow Baby Quilts.

after 2 months, I finally put a light bulb that works in this lamp

Little changes make a big difference!


  1. How cute I'm loving the little reading place!

  2. I love your reading nook, it's a great idea.

  3. oh it's lovely Veronica!!! So many little details


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