Thursday, August 23, 2012

needle & thREAD

I am so excited to finally be a part of the needle & thREAD linkup from one of my absolute favorite blogs, In the Heart of my Home.

I always love to take a peek at what others are reading, not to mention what people are sewing and this is the perfect way to peek.

Lately I have been doing a lot of planning...not actually DOING, just planning. Planning pre-k activities for Mr. Z, planning meals, planning lists, planning crafts. I love the planning process, but right now I feel very stuck!! I tend to become overwhelmed by possibilities.
My hubby read The Power of Habit, and now its my turn. I am 26 pages in and find it very interesting. The author explains the idea that habits never go away, they just get overwritten in our brains by new habits. How we learn and process information is explored, and I am fascinated.

My Oliver + S pattern arrived last week for the sleepover pajamas! I am going to make a pair for my son out of two cute monkey/banana print fabrics that I bought 2 years ago at a fab store in Boston, Fabric Corner. My goal is to press the fabric and cut out the pattern pieces in 48 hours. I might even have an alarm go off to remind me. HA!
love this fabric!!

What are you reading, sewing, crafting, cooking....?


  1. Cute pjs! I'm pretty much in the planning process as school starts back next week and I want to get us all into a good routine. So I'm planning out meals, lunches to pack, cute printables for school lunch notes, preschool activities for my 3 year old....

  2. i feel like I do way more planning than doing these days! I'm going to check up on you and see if you cut this fabric - I want to see these monkey jammies :)


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