Monday, August 20, 2012

The Witte Museum = Like Whoa


My son, Little Mr. Z and I had the pleasure of taking a tour over at the Witte Museum. Have you ever been? It is off of Broadway at and is quite easy to get to. It is near Brackenridge park and the Zoo. If you come out, you could definitely make a day of it!

First of all, the staff was absolutely wonderful. Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) we ran into was super helpful, attentive and very polite. From the front desk to the grounds crew. A sweet janitor even helped hold a door open for me (we had a stroller with us!).

see this carreta driver? He really talks. It. is. awesome!
I was a bit apprehensive about the tour, since I had been to the Witte only 2 other times, one was in college for some projects that involved a group. I hated group projects. But anyway.
The grounds were beautiful and very stroller friendly. My son loooved the dinosaur exhibit in the main building. Then the wonderful  Mommy and Me blogger tour took us to the new South Texas Heritage Center, where they say "the stories of the 1850's South Texas come to life". The building is huge, it has a HUGE elevator that we used to get to the second floor, where my son was able to pretend pump water, see longhorn cattle, and "ride" on a saddle! We even ran into a cowboy! There was lots of fun for him upstairs, then we went back downstairs and checked out the art gallery. My favorite painting was a huge Sam Houston portrait.
Back outside, we caught a funny and educational live performance at the new amphitheater that overlooks the river. The actors were very open to questions at the end and were really patient with photos being taken.

My kids were worn out, we are going back soon to play in the Science Treehouse.
 Needless to say, we all had a great time, I was happy to expose my son to such educational and fun exhibits, and I felt I learned something too. Win win!

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