Thursday, August 30, 2012

How We Cloth Babies

a sloomb prefold, a snappi, and a cover
No, not clothe. Cloth. As in cloth diapers. We started cloth diapering my older child when he was 8 months old. I have no idea how I got interested in cloth. I met my first friend in Massachusetts on a cloth diaper Facebook fan page. I remember looking online and being so absolutely overwhelmed with the whole idea and selections. Hubby, baby and I trekked to the only brick and mortar cloth diaper store (40 min on the T, then 20 min of walking) to get our goods. BECAUSE STARTING CLOTH IS SOMETHING THAT I HAD TO LEARN ABOUT IN PERSON. I am a visual learner, so stuff online was just stuff. Seeing and feeling the diapers made it real. Now he is an older toddler, and we do sposies. That is my personal family choice. I feel like we helped the environment and our pocketbooks for a good while with him. Now with our baby Miss V, cloth diapering her has been great, as we already had made the investment and are reusing what we bought for my son. Even one of our cousins got to use some of her cloth!! Talk about awesome! And when we are done with certain sizes, etc. I sell the diapers and buy new ones.
We are mainly using prefolds with Miss V. We need more wool covers (I need to get on the sewing machine!!), but also love sloomb fitteds, Grovia All In Ones, and Bumgenius All In Ones!!
freshly dried diapers

Oh, and if you are looking for Cloth Diapering 101 classes, cloth diaper knowledge and help in San Antonio, visit Liz over at GO BABY GO on Broadway! Kim and Liz are super helpful.

I always say that cloth diapering isnt for everyone, and it is not an "all or nothing" process. Sometimes we do sposies. Do I love sposies? No, but they are convenient sometimes (and expensive!!).

folded fluffy fun!
How do you diaper?

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