Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Creative Struggle

Do you struggle to be creative?

I do. What I think I really do is stifle my own creativity.

Usually, one of two things happens to me:

1) I "let" myself enjoy sewing, but set the bar so high and make the project way more super complicated than it should be. Example: I tell myself that I can let other things slide while I sew pajamas. BUT if I do let myself sew the pajamas, they must be made of the best silk I can afford with french seam finishes, lace inset (never done one of those before) and done in 2 days. Setting myself up for disappointment. Joy is gone. Pressure is on.

2) Tell myself that there is no time for silly pastimes and my creative outlets are not important.

I love thrifting and I definitely do a lot of that. But the stakes are higher to me when it comes to sewing or even crocheting.
This year, I have been guilty of pinning, planning and purchasing with nothing to show for those efforts. Pinning on Pinterest, planning on paper and purchasing supplies. What have I sewn this year? Two items. Two little items. 

For many of us who have the personality type that is like mine....time spent must equal a profit of money or finished products that help the family, etc....things are either worth it or not....things are very black and white...stifling creativity seems like a good idea at the time, but later on, avoiding them costs more to my heart and mind than I expected.

2015 will be the year of creativity. Of unpinned ideas and completed projects. I'm going to jump in. 
Are you?

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