Thursday, December 11, 2014

Huge Christmas Thrift Scores with Goodwill San Antonio

The busy, frantic holiday season is upon us. Have you seen the crowds at the mall? I have an idea that they might be crazy.
I haven't seen them myself, because I have been at my favorite, quite peaceful Goodwill here in San Antonio.
This is really the BEST time of year to thrift, everyone is cleaning out their closets and sending treasures to their nearest Goodwill by the truckload. Thrift shopping is exactly 110% faster than mall shopping during the holidays.

The two categories that stress me out the most around Christmas are:
1) Outfits for my kids
2) Gifts for my kids

Goodwill to the rescue for the ten millionth time!
Here is what I found:
  • Brand new Gap dress for my daughter, black polka dot dress with petticoat skirt (it still had the diaper cover attached inside!) $1.99

  • Target Dress shoes with bow $2.99

  • Lacoste dress shirt for my son $1.99
Paired with items my kids already had (tights for my daughter, a red tie and dress pants for my son), these outfits are READY!

Keep in mind that we do a very modest Christmas in our house.

Brand new in package, Pottery Barn Table Top Bells $3.99

**To be added**  3 Books for each child (I already bought some but I ended up giving them to the kids --whoops!)

 Have you found anything holiday worthy at your closest Goodwill? Now is the time to shop!
*Disclosure: I was given a Goodwill Gift Card to purchase items in this post*


  1. Which Goodwill is your favorite for good deals? I'm in Stone Oak, and I go once in awhile to the one off 1604 and 281, but as far as gifty stuff - it seems to be a little highly priced and thrown on shelves. I have found a couple of nice shirts for me - but it's hit or miss. Would love any tips!

  2. Scores indeed!!! You always find the coolest stuff - we used to have those bells and I loved them! My husband, not so much ... :)


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