Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Best Thrifty (Audio) Book Nook with @GoodwillSA

My son's room is always changing. Sometimes its because I move the furniture...other times its because he moves the furniture. The walls are beige, the curtains are white, and we have lots of books. It is the ultimate blank canvas and there is always room for improvement.

Step 1 to improve any room: Thrift for the space, of course!
Here is what I did to make a cozy, calming audio book nook for my son, complete with artwork and a straw PIG.
The space first took shape with this awesome rolling book cart found at Goodwill for $20. As luck would have it, the cart fits perfectly at the end of my son's bed.

I felt like the space needed something on the wall....and I found the great framed Van Gogh poster for $4.99!! The great thing about this find is that it is a plastic frame and has clear plastic instead of glass. Perfect for a kids room!!
My favorite (and newest) accessory from Goodwill is this pig basket that I bought for $9.99. A. pig. basket. I almost didn't buy it because I was unsure how my son would like it. He ended up loving it at first sight and filled it with random toys and keeps talking about his pig. We all think this is hilarious and I am just hoping no one tries to ride on the pig.

Most of our books come from the thrift store, I was able to buy this storytime favorites with audio cd for 99 cents. I gathered all of our audio books/books with cd's and placed them on the cart for easy access. Now both my son and daughter can listen to a story without my help. It makes me so happy to see how excited they are to play the tapes and cd's by themselves. Also on the cart: Thomas Jefferson book and casette (Goodwill, $2.99 for a classrom boxed set), Cd's on the right are a mixture of our Putamayo collection and a 5 cd classical music collection from Goodwill.
On the bottom shelf, we have 2 cases filled with Disney cassettes and corresponding books that I thrifted at Goodwill a while back for $2.99/case.

As a finishing touch, I added a huge pillow (I found the pillow cover at is Pottery Barn, linen, and was $1.99!) and my son's favorite chair.

He really likes his "new" space and I can't wait to see what other thrifty treasures fit here! There is always something useful at the thrift store. For a Goodwill San Antonio location in your neighborhood, check out the list here.
This post sponsored by Goodwill San Antonio.

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