Monday, November 17, 2014

Real Life With Books Week 1

How was your life with books last week? Ours was filled with books of one kind and another...(and then something happened to my computer and I was unable to post the week in review on Friday)

My son insisted all meals be brought to his room because he did not want any breaks in audio book listening (I think this was Tuesday)

Bedtime stories one night. I avoided the Bears Nature Guide. So annoying to read that one aloud. Also, from the Magic School Bus reading my son now thinks the word "Venus" is the funniest word ever because it rhymes with.....YEP. Weird because he has heard this word before. Guessing its a phase.

We chose lots of books at the library. Once we were home, they were strewn about the house and my son had to look at every one.

I would love to see and hear about your week with books!

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