Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What #thriftstore $30 Looks Like

I want to start sharing with ya'll my shopping trips and how far money really goes at thrift stores. This trip total was $30 and some change.

Here is what I found on one trip to the thrift!

 Converse shoes that will fit my son, will run them through the washer.

The books with the green tags were 50% off. I have been searching for The Blue Fairy Book and was so very happy to find it and to pay 50 cents!!!

 2 pairs of baby shoes, one Mexican top for my daughter, teal top for me (from Kohls but it was cute)

 Target striped top, Baby Gap top, and Wonder Woman onesie!

 I got 9 baby hats (working on a craft with those), Old Navy Striped onesie

And here is what I am most excited about (other than the Blue Fairy Book!)..a Jon Hart purse! It is in brand new condition..for $5! This would retail at $90 in the boutique. My daughter immediately claimed it, and I will be taking it in to get the monogram changed.
So, what do you think about my trip? How much would everything had cost at retail? Inspired to thrift yet?


  1. I have tried thrift shopping, but fail miserably...unlike you!

  2. Love it! We still need to go together sometime! (Texas thrift tags, right?)

    1. Yes, we totally need to get together! Texas Thrift is correct. So many goodies!


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