Thursday, August 7, 2014

#ThriftyThursday and My Online Reading Faves This Week

I scored a beautiful ivory colored vintage Haeger planter at the thrift store earlier this week. I like how it is not a glazed piece of pottery. It is so creamy looking! This was 99 cents!

I am going to keep my special soaps in it on my bathroom counter. Haeger is quite common and you can find pieces quite frequently. I am not into vases, but these little planters are great. I also love the McCoy pottery (unglazed) as well, maybe I will share my small collection with you one day? I know I could walk into any big box store and buy something that would hold my pretty soaps, but the idea of having something that was produced a long time ago and is being given a new life is just too tempting for me.

Also, I am sharing some links to what I am reading online this week. Enjoy!


Check out the Schole Sisters, this is a wonderful inspiration to me, the whole "teaching from a state of rest" really really stands out for me. From their site: ScholĂ© Sisters is a community of homeschooling moms who believe that teaching is the art of being imitated, who long to teach from rest, and who draw on wisdom from the classical tradition. We’re here to lean on each other and build each other up. 
They also mention Truth, beauty and wisdom as goals. Yes, yes, yes!


Have you read this guy's resignation (as a CEO) letter? His point about Dad's never being asked how they balance it all- kids, household, relationships- is very very true. Read his letter here. A good reminder that for everything, there is a price, whether it be time, or money, or relationships.

An amazing school library "TinkerSpace" Library Learning Commons 

 Have a great day!

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