Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weekly Reading Fave: Art Dog by Thacher Hurd #kidlit

For the past week my son (4) has been absolutely enthralled with Art Dog! We purchased this book at a mega awesome used book sale recently, but didn't read it right away. After the initial reading, I have found my son in his room at least a handful of times, "reading" to himself, having memorized much of the story. He even offered to "read" it to his younger sister.

Art Dog is a wonderful, colorful, imaginative book about Arthur Dog who works as a museum guard but moonlights as a street mural artist. My son especially likes the pages where Arthur is wearing his mask, carrying around a mysterious box....of paints and brushes. Things get exciting when someone steals a painting from the museum, and the masked Arthur is the prime suspect. I love the way Hurd has Art "paint" his way out of jail and out of a sticky situation with the real thieves!
The story has a fun, humorous feel and the art is so bright and captivating. Things I appreciated about this book: a museum featured in a kid's book, and the ironic names of artists in the book, such as Henry Muttisse. This will definitely be a favorite for a long time. We highly recommend it. Be sure to stop by next week for an art themed reading list!


  1. I love how you seamlessly weave "art" into your family routine!

  2. Art Dog is one of our favorites too!


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